About OPEN 2020

The OPEN 2020 conference focuses on practical solutions to co-create a collaborative, regenerative economy that puts people and planet before profit.

Over two days, on the 11th and 12th of June, at Conway Hall in London we will explore:

Money systems and how mutual credit in particular can be transformative.

The features, design patterns and ownership structures of a new, democratic economy.

The tools, technologies and projects that are enabling the new economy.

Who is OPEN 2020 for?

OPEN 2020 is for anyone who is interested in money – and how new forms of money can be used to create a more collaborative, cooperative economy which facilitates ethical trade without exploiting the planet. 

We welcome:

  • Managers and Members of Cooperative businesses 
  • CEOs, CFOs and supporters of Social Enterprises and B Corps
  • New municipalists, Councils, Credit Unions and mutual banks
  • New economy activists, theorists, academics and organisers
  • Community and alternative currency designers and users
  • LETs, Timebank and Cryptocurrency organisers and traders
  • XR supporters, environmental campaigners and NGOs

We are particularly interested to welcome UK cooperatives who are interested in strengthening their commitment to principle 6: ‘cooperation among cooperatives’, by becoming ‘anchor institutions’ of the new economy.

The conference will bring together leaders in alternative monetary theory, community currency designers and practitioners, decentralised technologists, blockchain developers and cryptocurrency experts, alongside cooperative business owners and open source software developers to share insights, address a series of questions and co-create solutions for the new economy.

What will we be doing?

To kick off attendees will be introduced to the nature of money, mutual credit, and the core challenges of a new economy through a range of presentations from experts in the field of alternative economics.

Working in small groups, we will collaborate and share knowledge to define the most pressing questions and needs of the attendees within a facilitated open space. We will work together, reflecting on presentations, case studies and lessons learned from successful and failed alternative economy projects, to explore the available solutions and to co-create new strategies where existing ideas do not suffice. 

Through a mixture of presentations, curated open space sessions, groupwork and feedback to the main group we will create a manifesto for the new economy based on the key questions, ideas, solutions and discussion points from the event.

Sessions will be split into different levels for ‘Beginners’, ‘Intermediates’ and ‘Experts’ to ensure everyone has the opportunity to gain the most from the event.

What will you get out of it?

OPEN 2020 has two aims:

  • To inform attendees about the nature of money, the transformative nature of mutual credit and the latest tools and technologies which support a decentralised, democratic economy.

  • To connect businesses and individuals with the people, tools and technologies to help them co-create, collaborate and start trading in the new, regenerative economy.

Attendees will leave OPEN 2020 with:

  • A detailed understanding of money, mutual credit and the benefits of alternative currencies
  • The latest updates and information from a wide range of new economy projects
  • A deeper understanding of the tools, technologies and protocols which support a decentralised economy
  • Guidance on starting local, federated mutual credit networks in their region or country
  • Access to a growing range of educational materials and background research on alternative economics
  • Valuable new contacts, connections and trading partners
  • An interest free line of credit - for qualifying UK businesses

OPEN 2020 will focus on developing new connections and building trusted relationships to encourage ongoing working groups and trading relationships which support the development of the new economy.

What do you want to hear / present? 

If you are interested in running a session please join The Open Co-op Loomio group and add your proposal here.

If you have any question, just contact us and ask!

We look forward to welcoming you to Conway Hall on the 11th and 12th of June to help co-create the new economy.


Tickets include a hot lunch on both days, tea and coffee and at least one beer in the evening...
Early bird tickets have limited availability and receive a 40% discount.

If you would like to pay for a ticket in mutual credit please sign up to The Open Credit Network and then contact The Open Co-op via the Directory.

We are aiming to make OPEN 2020 as affordable as possible so everyone can attend. If your company would be interested in sponsoring the event please contact us. If you can not afford a ticket and would be interested in applying for a bursary or volunteer ticket please let us know.